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Yes, Bowdrie - Excellent Point - the 17th Amendment (The "Democratic" Direct Election of Senators) took away the power of each individual State. Now, instead of Senators being elected by the State Legislatures to represent the overall interests of a given State, they would be elected by popular vote - which means the biggest Cities in each State get to choose, and that means all those dependent "Government Clients" who will always vote for whoever will give them the most Free Stuff.

Over time, this destroys a Republic, as it steals from the productive and gives to the slackers and idiots, saps the People's will to work - and gives a lot of people extra time (and your money) to drink, avoid work, use drugs and generally live a low life lifestyle. This in turn leads to crime, illegitimate and unwanted kids, and the lowering of Standards for the famous "Lowest Common Denominator" in all things - who keeps getting ever lower in his lifestyle and Morals in each succeeding generation.

If you eliminated Welfare and government provided Child Support - people would WORK (or starve) and only have the kids they could pay for - THEMSELVES. There should be NO extra Welfare money for extra kids (either at all, or above two), and we could bring back the concept of Shame, while we were at it. Oh, and how about enforcing Paternity suits for each illegitimate birth to give young men something to think about before they use someone - or - better yet - just make it legal like it used to be for a Dad or Brother with a ball bat or a shotgun and a shovel to deal with scum who dishonor their women. I'd better stop before I get up a full head of steam...... CC
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