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Originally Posted by Col. Colt View Post
I hope, my friends, that you are not serious about this. Think.

Does anyone here assume there is great wisdom and thoughtful discernment to be found in the masses - of any nation? That the majority are so very thoughtful and well educated, and share your morals and values? I have news - if everyone EVER votes, it will only be that one time - and the guy that promises the most free stuff will be Dictator for life there after.

We are VERY Deliberately organized as NOT A DEMOCRACY - the Founders knew what that was and HATED Democracy - they knew it dies a quick and violent death - from exactly what we are talking about here.

The reason we have a representative Republic is to avoid "one man, one vote, Once". Those who do not care to inform themselves and get involved actively I DO NOT WANT VOTING - because they will vote to dissolve the Constitution, they will vote for "Free" Health Care and "Free" College - and a majority would take your Guns.
Think, people - the Democrats would be the only winners here. And the Fudds would still vote for the wrong people because the 2nd Amendment is not that important to them - more Social Security money, or some other topic, would come before the Second to them.

The fewer who Vote - but when all those who do are All involved, educated and understand what they are doing, the better. Now if you can get everyone educated to the right level, and Educate them in Morality and Ethics while you are doing that, it might work.

You want all the Gen X and Millennials voting about your gun rights? Really? I think we are way better off if they stay in Mom's basement on Election Day, on their video games.... Because if they vote, Bernie is your next (and last) President. CC

Couldn't help but think of your post after watching Bernie on the stump last night in NH. Just watching the idiots sitting in the bleachers behind him while he was yelling in the microphone was painful. Only a handful of people over the age of 25. The rest looked like a Who's/Who on your favorite liberal college campus. They looked like sheep heading to the slaughter as he promised them the moon. It worked, as he wins in NH before heading south to SC. Death by a million cuts.

Hopefully I'll be pushing up daisies at Arlington long before these AOC worshipers do their damage to our country.
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