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Originally Posted by dmthomp32 View Post
I understand all the hate and shade sent my way but you guys do see that Trump is not really a Republican right? He is just a self-opportunist who has manipulated the party into his servants for fear that the alternative will cost them their jobs. Thatís not really what the Republican Party should be about. If you are pro-party, which I understand and can support, then you should be in favor of the party ideals (small government, capitalism, constitutional rights, strong moral values, etc). I donít see how you can support Trump so blindly. Yes his priorities are important and things I think are valuable (nation first mentality, repositioning the US as a world leader, protecting our innovation, border security, reshaping trade, bringing common sense back to the main stream versus this overly politically correct environment we have found ourselves in). All great placeholders for policy and change! However how he goes about everything is the problem for me. I truly believe if he quit tweeting from the hours of 11:00 pm-4:00 am, followed a little protocol, didnít do things like serve McDonalds to championship teams at the White House, and quit verbally threatening people with names (as he is the president and should rise above it, not that they donít deserve them). I think he would honestly be publicly stronger, have more valid party support and not drive the news media as far over the edge to where they are constantly criticizing him every minute. Just my thoughts in an effort to have a real dialogue versus being rude or calling people names like others have. Good night everyone.

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Wow. Learned everything I needed to about the real people behind the posts on this forum tonight. I am not a troll, an avid reader and contributer to this and many other firearms forums. I hope everyone here is a better person off the internet. Good luck in 2020, I believe Trump will win. You guys will have another four years of tranquility. Cheers. I'll start looking for a therapist or whatever now. Might be better company than the what I thought were smart level headed people on this forum.

Come on, pick a lane. (we learned a bit about you, too, in those posts) At least be honest with yourself. At this point you either support him or you don't... there is no partial or blindly- they are trying to remove him and throw the Nov election. (ironic that they are trying to remove him for what they are trying to do)

You don't like his tactics, I get it but those tactics are the only reason he's gotten things done. He's been able to outmaneuver the dirty dems... first Rep. in a long time to do so! Politics has become so DIRTY... as evidenced by the last 3 years... He's accomplished more for us with VERY little help from anyone else, all the while in the middle of the muller investigation and a corrupt impeachment effort.

He's done more for you , me and the entire country than any other President in my lifetime... and they want to hang him for it. Remember when they said tax cuts were for his friends and the rich 1%? Nope, the poorest of the country are gaining at a faster pace than the rest, just as he predicted. Sure the rich are seeing growth too, but that's BALANCED growth... any other way would be unhealthy.

If Trump acted "Presidential" and didn't tweet, unemployment was at 7%, taxes were higher, growth was stagnant, terror leaders running loose and your 401k was 1/3 of it's current value, the judiciary was out of control activist and all your crap from Mx, China and abroad was 25% more costly - would you be happy??

I think not.

Good day, sir.
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