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Originally Posted by LW McVay View Post
Bloomturd is only serving to awaken the dead. And I thank him. I hope he is nominated. And then beaten like a drum at the voting booth.

There's only 3 ways I see that the DemocRATS have a chance in 2020.

1. Voter fraud. We need voter ID laws in every State, for every election. This wouldn't eliminate the chance of voter fraud, but it's a step in the right direction.

2. A third party candidate that would take votes away from Trump. I suspect Romney is considering running, but I don't think he'd get ANY votes.

3. If Trump voters stay home, instead of voting because they think Trumps reelection is assured.
I thought this was a gun forum. The rules read "This sub-forum is for general gun-related discussion only. No political commentary or other off-topic discussions are allowed, nor subjects that barely have anything to do with guns or shooting. The only section where off-topic discussion is currently allowed is in the special sub-forum created for site supporters.
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