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Originally Posted by dmthomp32 View Post
Wow. Learned everything I needed to about the real people behind the posts on this forum tonight. I am not a troll, an avid reader and contributer to this and many other firearms forums. I hope everyone here is a better person off the internet. Good luck in 2020, I believe Trump will win. You guys will have another four years of tranquility. Cheers. I'll start looking for a therapist or whatever now. Might be better company than the what I thought were smart level headed people on this forum.

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Wow, back at you. What did you expect, coming to a gun forum where we all love our guns and shooting? You say you might vote for someone other than President Trump. Don't you get it? If anyone other than Trump is elected, not only will "sensible gun control" laws become the laws of the land, but our whole Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and our 2nd Amendment will be in jeopardy. What are you thinking? If Trump doesn't get re-elected our country will have taken a big step towards socialism, and we, the people, becoming subjects instead of citizens. If you're truly a freedom loving American, I just can understand how you could threaten to vote against President Trump's reelection. Yes, it's that important to the survival of our nation.

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