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Originally Posted by dmthomp32 View Post
I think the Democrats don't stand a chance. While I'm not a fan of Trump, this is the second presidential election where the Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot. If they could get their act together and focus on winning like Republicans then they may have a chance. Until that time they can't stand up to the showmanship and message of Trump's campaign. Another campaign for me where I can't find anyone to vote for!! I'll have to start looking into the libertarian party again, I guess?

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You have it wrong. Trump has yielded better all around results for every demographic of people nationally. The only reason things aren’t better is due to the democratic blockade and lunacy, not to mention back stabbing by some RINOs. As far as guarding 2A, think what you want but there isnt one, libertarian even on the radar. Democrats have No policies to put forth, as evidenced by their crushed faces after the senate vote yesterday. Their single hope was to impeach and get Trump banned from running because they know they’re getting crushed in November.
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