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This was a letter to the editor that was in Monday's Albuquerque Journal. With a few modifications, I think that I could have written it:

PRESIDENT DONALD Trump is an obnoxious, bullying loud mouth. His hair and skin color are unnatural and in reality, troubling. He is a bombastic egomaniac with unchecked delusions of grandeur. The man is one of the worst orators in American history, and he couldn’t use an appropriate adjective or adverb if his life depended on

He is often childish, churlish and crude. His own people have trouble working and dealing him because he is so headstrong and demanding. President Trump knows little of subtlety, grace or humility. I cringe at some of his tweets.

I don’t give a damn. I don’t care one bit about any of that because he has single-handedly, with no help from the Democrats or their surrogates, despite an activist judiciary and with precious little support from the Republicans — I hesitate to characterize them as his own party — dramatically decreased illegal crossings on our southern border. Our economy is booming.

Unemployment is at it lowest level in decades, especially among minorities.
Our foreign enemies have been kept on their heels. We are making better trade deals. He supports our military and respects what they do, unlike his predecessor. He supports and respects our policemen, unlike his predecessor. The activist judiciary has been placed in check due to his appointments. The man hates socialism and will fight it all the way to the ground.

Unlike his predecessor, President Trump loves this country. The Democrats hate him because (they) haven’t and couldn’t do what he has done for our country, and worse yet for them, they can take no credit for any of it. They hate him because they know that none of that crowd of presidential candidates, singly or collectively, could do a better job. That hate him because after three-plus years of trying 24/7, all they have to impeach him is a weak charge based on biased, second- and third hand impressions of a phone call or two. The No and Never-Trumpers will readily admit they are against anything he is for.

So, just turn all of what he has done 180 degrees and is that really what they are for?
Do they really want a weak economy, high unemployment, terrible trade deals, enemies at the gate and all the rest? He has my vote based on his accomplishments, not his personality. All of you have the right to think for yourself; question is, do you still have the ability?

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