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Originally Posted by Rivoak View Post
Booty-judge is probably worse than Uncle Gaff on confiscation. And, he is not nearly as dumb about weapons.
That may be true, but this country is not yet ready to elect an openly gay president. Not saying a gay or lesbian shouldn't be president, but it is what it is. The hardcore left would love it, but moderates (who make up the majority of voters in this country) would probably not be nearly as enthusiastic. Personally I couldn't care less as long as he/she is a firm 2A supporter, but finding a LGBTQ politician who's pro-2A would be like looking for a set of hens teeth.
Avoid the temptation to replace everything on your brand-new 1911 just to make it "better". Know what you're changing out and why. You may spend a lot of money fixing things that weren't broken to begin with. Shoot at least 500 rounds through it first, then decide what you don't like and want to improve. Regarding vintage 1911s, pre-1970 pistols are highly collectible in original, unaltered condition and should NEVER be refinished or modified as it completely ruins their monetary value.
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