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Originally Posted by Sailormilan2 View Post


Many medical people feel as "Flight Medic" does, that is nothing but a "cold". Since I read the same thing on another form from a poster whose wife is an RN, with a Master's in Nursing. She, and all the medical people she works with want to know what the big deal is? It's just a cold.
OK, you make it sound like I was comparing this to the "sniffles". I WAS NOT.

The message I was trying to get across was, if you're generally in good health, the Coronavirus WILL NOT KILL YOU, and there's no need to "hunker down".

However, I never implied there weren't deaths directly related to the strain, or that there wasnt concern for certain regions of the globe or specific demographics of the population. This is a nasty virus that WILL wreak havoc on a compromised or weakened immune system.
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