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I don't see any analogy to the American Civil War either. The south back then was mostly run by Democrat who didn't truly believe in individual rights. The South back then was controlled by the plantation owners who wanted to maintain their power. And I don't care what one's politics or religious beliefs are today, slavery is wrong and it isn't arguable by any reasonable person...

Moreover, it is also technically flipped, back then the South was claiming state rights to maintain their hold on power, today the Lefty is claiming state-rights to take your firearms. Therefore, if you do want to use this analogy, Pro-2A would be part of Lincoln's North and the Lefty Gun-Grabbers part of the Evil-South (back then)...In essence, if you think about it, the Lefty today are the ones trying to secede from our Constitution (believing it is an outdated piece of paper). Not the other way around, just like Lincoln we (PRO-2A) are trying to preserve our Constitution. Don't let/identify-with geography (a constant) distort your perception without considering the changes in politics over the last 160+ years which is anything but a constant...

The Revolutionary war, perhaps a better analogy, but still not close enough. Then we had a foreign power we needed to through out, today, the enemy is embedded among us, they live here, it creates a much different and more challenging dynamic.
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