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Good point on the antennas. That's one thing that a lot of people buying handhelds and mobiles for prepping and think they have their commo needs met don't realize. A Baofeng, or even a better radio with a rubber ducky antenna won't talk or receive very far. A Baofeng hooked to a good and proper (and properly matched) antenna will talk a lot further than a high end radio on a crap antenna. A better radio on a good antenna install will really do well.

Also a good point on shortwave reception capable radios. It's fine to have one, but without a good antenna you will still miss out on a lot. Particularly now that shortwave broadcast stations aren't as prevalent as they once were. I remember years ago building dipole antennas out of speaker wire and flat TV wire cut to match the frequencies for TV and radio listening.

If you don't know were in the bands communications are going on it won't do much good either. Best receiver in the world won't matter without a good antenna and the knowledge on where to tune in to.
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