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Old 01-18-2020, 09:55 PM
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Having a mix of handheld two ways is handy tonight. Power went out a bit over a hour ago. Have my 85 year old mother with Parkinsonís living with us. Got her in bed and with a small easy to use GMRS, my wife with another one, and I have my dual band with one channel set to that freq and the other to our amateur club repeater which seems to be up.

Still have cell. Iím typing this in the dark on an iPad with SIM card. Something I have found way more useful than I ever thought. Sure itís not a long term disaster situation, but a chance to use a few things then after action later. I was able to login to the electric company website from the iPad and see that the power is expected to be back on in a few hours.

P.S. having those one dollar headlamps and flashlights you see in bins at Walmart are handy to have stashed around. Especially the headlamps. Beeep. Power just came back on.
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