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Originally Posted by cw410 View Post
Originally Posted by LW McVay View Post
I said Trolling is not allowed. Never has been, never will be. Put words in my mouth again and that will be considered trolling. Choose wisely.
I have to call you out on that. People get “trolled” frequently enough on this forum, disagreements and arguments often end with childish names and personal insults being thrown around. Usually someone gets called a lefty, SJW, etc. when that doesn’t even have anything to do with the topic. Instead of the offenders being punished the thread in question just gets locked and these people continue their behavior with impunity. Some have pointed this out, but damn few, maybe because they feel speaking out will merely earn them a ban.

I don’t know why some members are so childish and petty, and why they are allowed to do it. I suppose glass balls must turn to brass behind the safety of a keyboard.
I'm guessing when you become a Moderator, you get to define things as you want them to be.
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