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Has this article been posted yet?

This is the elitist, aristocratic, oligarchy our Founders warned us about, manifested
before our very eyes. To arrogant elitists like Bloomberg, the average American is expendable,
and most definitely deplorable. To the gun control elitist, the average American is a peasant
who cannot be trusted to decide what he or she eats, let alone to own firearms.

The truth is, Bloomberg-type gun control fanatics actually fear the average American.

Often times, pompous plutocrats like Bloomberg shout the loudest for more and more gun control,
all while surrounded by a traveling security net of armed guards. After all, they’re not lowly peasants
so they’re much more deserving of protection and security than you are.

The inconvenient truth is that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to safeguard against precisely
Bloomberg’s way of thinking. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to keep power in the hands of
the people. To ensure that government operates at the consent of the governed. This is why we must
never compromise, relinquish or forego exercising this right.

The battle over Second Amendment rights is a symptom of a larger problem in America. Many politicians
fear the fact that ‘We The People’ are the boss. But in their view, ‘We The People’ are ignorant and the
Bloomberg types think they are superior. In overbearing, nanny-state fashion, they clearly know better
than we do, as they have made clear for all who care to listen.

The last thing elitist civilian disarmament fanatics — Moms Who Demand and Everytown shills — want is
for the average American to be “woke” and remind them who is in charge. They hope you are oblivious
and stay that way.
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