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Originally Posted by Faawrenchbender View Post
Does anyone have experience with solar panels?
Might be a good option to augment generator use for long term outages.
Lots of issues around this option. Enough solar panels. Solar panels would require some sort of battery storage system which leads to sophisticated monitors and some pretty expensive deep cycle storage batteries. Inverters to convert the stored electricity back to 110 ac unless you wired a dc voltage system in your house with all of the dc appliances and lighting.

Additional issues: Outages often occur in the winter with no sun and colder temperatures which greatly reduces the efficiency of the solar panels. Shorter days limit the effective sunlight when it is available. You would probably still run the genset for extended periods of time.

If you built your home from the ground up as an off the grid home with all of the concomitant systems and appliances, you would stand a chance. A retrofit to off the grid may be quite expensive.

We lived and cruised on a 47' sailboat for over twenty years and were pretty much self sufficient with a 12v generator, storage batteries, inverter, water maker, refrigeration/freezer etc but I am not sure I would want to try it for a whole house unless it was designed as an off the grid home.

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