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Originally Posted by ChuckC View Post
Anyway, feel free to log into our club's Monday night radio test on Echolink. Every Monday night at 8PM EST which would make it 6 or 7 your time. The station is W2SO-R Node 754795 I usually use the Echolink app on my iPhone as the main repeater that we use isn't set up for digital Wires-X, that on the UHF repeater. I'm Chuck W2EM
Thanks, Chuck. I was checking into the nightly Black River Valley club nets at 9 EST/8 CST via EchoLink. Got away from it a little. Had an update on the iPad I was using for it and lost my favorites list. I've even managed to miss the last three Sunday night nets for my own club. I forget what time it is or even day sometimes and then go, "OH MAN! I missed it!"

If I can actually set an alarm and remember it I'll try to pop in with y'all.

So quiet here so often I kinda get a little discouraged. But, I'll keep on keeping on If I can get a few friends who have their licenses that live in the next town over, about 35 miles, to get active again they'll ragchew.

While the wife isn't interested in getting her ticket (yet), she does like chatting with me on the little GMRS handhelds when we go shopping or out a little. She's even shown an interest when I explain certain things to her. She's even open to the idea of me putting 25 or 50 watt GMRS (I'm licensed for GMRS too) in her car as long as it can reach me when she's coming home from work. I explained that would mean a base antenna and a real antenna on her car. Something we can work on later. Maybe by then she will decide that it would be better, and cheaper in terms of radios, if she had her Tech and we could put in 2 meter radios for the vehicles. Entice her a little more and build up better comms for emergencies.
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