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I'm glad to see that you are having a good time with Amateur Radio. There are so many different directions that you can go with it. Try to concentrate on a few different types and then go from there. I have a friend who is into too much and is going crazy. Getting your General is a huge step up, it opens the world of HF to you. I got my Tech and General on my first sitting and got AE a month later after heavy study of the ARRL books + testing on eHam and QRZ.

A couple of weeks ago, our club helped out at the local National Weather Service for the Skywarn recognition day. We do that every year and set up stations and antennas to help alongside the Weather Service's amateur radios. Every year we camp out for 3-4 days at a local lighthouse and activate it for International Lighthouse weekend. Different radio clubs activate lighthouses all over the world and try to contact each other. I did manage to contact a lightship. Last year we activated the Theodore Rosevelt inauguration site in Buffalo, NY for "National Parks on the Air" and made contacts all over.

I've been fooling with radios for a while now and there is always something new going on. Our club has some Yeasu System Fusion repeaters and lately, a bunch of us have purchased WiRES-X digital radios. I am in Florida for the winter and contact the guys back home on my new Yaesu FT3D which is quite a radio compared to my older FT8R. With that radio (8R), the guys as the club watched me travel out to Uath and back on my motorcycle via APRS and the aprs.fi website map in Finland.

Anyway, feel free to log into our club's Monday night radio test on Echolink. Every Monday night at 8PM EST which would make it 6 or 7 your time. The station is W2SO-R Node 754795 I usually use the Echolink app on my iPhone as the main repeater that we use isn't set up for digital Wires-X, that on the UHF repeater. I'm Chuck W2EM

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