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Originally Posted by Jacobconroy75 View Post
I was looking at the Experior Sub-Compact. It's a good looking pistol.

Site says it's 4.8 inches high and holds 8 rounds of 9mm. How did they do that? My Compact is 4.9 inches high and holds 8 rounds. Does the magwell allow them to use Compact mags in what I assume is a Sentinel grip? Or is it a typo?

In any case, I can barely get all three fingers on a compact grip. If the Experior Sub-Compact will allow me to get three fingers on it as well then I might need to have one.
Sentinels always had 8 shot mags with 9mm or .38s and the compacts are not quite big enough to get an extra round to fit I believe whole the full size can just barely get 10 in.
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