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Originally Posted by apipeguy View Post
I must say that I’m pretty satisfied with the Wilson’s that I have. More of a traditionalist although I do have an X9. Not seeing anything that makes me want to order a new gun and being retired that is a good thing.

Will be interested in shooting one to see how the grip treatment feels in the hand but am doubtful that it will be better than the X-tac, but still a nice option. Still prefer an aggressive checkering.

I am confident that the new line will be a good seller.

New models are not a bad thing as long as the old standards remain in place.

I was about to write essentially the same thoughts, albeit without having experience with the more aggressive checkering, serrations, etc. added in recent years. I'm quite happy with my current stable of (old-time) Wilson 1911s ...and ARs.

If a lot of people favor newer treatments, that's also a good thing.

It may also increase future sub-forum interest and new threads, as people share their experiences, perspectives, etc. .... and of course asking and responding to the perpetual question of "which should I choose?".
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