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Mixed opinions on this for me.

First, WC is just opening too many pistol lines, this particular "Experior" line has 10 models, the costs to do so are not cheap. However, I do like a few things I see here.

I like that the Full size double-stack has an interior extractor (unlike the X9L). Actually the entire line has an interior extractor.

I like the frame rail "Wave Cuts" to improve reliability, allows gunk a place to get out of the way.

The "Track Grip" checkering looks like a copy of Guncrafter's "Frag" pattern.

Looks like they figured out how to line up the ball cuts to the dust cover. All the photos look good.

I don't like the "Experior" name.

I think there is an option for most people to like.

But I also think that if they are going to do this right, they need to come up with a way to make a double-stack 45 acp option.

It's gonna take me a day or two to digest all this. There's a lot to look at here.

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