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It is getting complicated! :-)

But option's are good....

I guess these came out to add Karmic-balance to the budget line which came out 2 weeks ago. ...

Another strap treatment also, we will have to see how it performs vs Xtac, I don't think it will be as good, but one never knows.

Less rail friction, and designed to run dirtier and to hold more oil on the rails, meh, I always put too much oil on my 1911's anyway... Not sure that it matter for those who shoot 45 and clean the 1911 every 1,000 rounds or less. Guess if you like to run em dirty with many thousands of rounds btwn cleaning and oiling - it could be a plus...I do like the serration's, I've always found that wider serrations on the slide provide better friction.

Less rail friction is good for the low power 9mm loads though....And the double stack 9mm may satisfy people who like the X9, but just not enough to buy it.

I'm sure some of the features are desirable and wouldn't mind cherry picking some for a build, but if it is all or nothing (is it??), I'd likely pass. For one thing, Xtac grip is just too good to ever pass up on another new WC gun :-).

I'd like to see something more dramatic come out from WC like a double stack 45 with a comp.

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