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A couple years back I bought a new Colt Combat Commander....blued.

Sweet gun. It was my first commander. I found that I very much preferred it's dimensions & heft over the 3" aluminum-framed officer sized I also have. Both are .45. That commander carried very easily but I was much more accurate with it.

It had the rat-tailed grip safety which I didn't care for. I also wasn't too enthused about the sights. The thumb safety was something that I wanted to change.

I wish I'd waited a year as Colt offered a new version like yours that addressed these.

Anyway.....grateful for that first one because it has led me to buying more.

I'm sitting here having morning coffee and chilling with the dogs and on the chair side table is a commander that I had field stripped last night and lubed. It's waiting on me to take it to the range this week.

Great carry size and very shootable. I don't see much of a drop-off in accuracy with them. I have large hands and the full grip is nice.

I think you will enjoy yours and I wished I waited for that version to emerge....likely I'd have kept it and still be running it today. Great gun you have and it's set up nicely.
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