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Originally Posted by DubfromGa View Post

Began as a long range target cartridge. Great ballistic coefficients and is a soft shooter and not a barrel burner.

Hunting crowd is now getting into it bigtime, too.

Most rifle manufacturers are chambering it now.

For the average hunter....I don't really see the appeal, but some folks use any excuse to buy a new rifle.
My interest in 6.5 started with the Swedish round but I have yet to find one of the old Mauser rifles that hasn't been molested or is in the right price range.

I didn't need a new rifle but I had a nice scope that needed somewhere to go and the CM is growing on me. It doesn't recoil with the enthusiasm of an '06 and I seem to be spending more time with it at the range which will make me a better shot and the round makes enough energy to be effective on most North American game.

I don't know if it is modern rifle manufacturing or the effort that Hornady is putting into their ammo or some of both but I know that when I built some handloads for my son's Ruger rifle in .308 the groups were half the size of factory ammo with the first try, right at 1 MOA. The first time I took the 6.5CM to the range with a box of factory ammo I shot a half MOA group and have yet to better that with handloads...

it is a bit uncanny how very good it is.

Seems to work good on ballistic Glass too!
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