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Got my ticket somewhere around 1980. Was in school and a friend pulled a HT out from under the seat of his car and made a phone call via auto-patch on his club repeater. This was before even bag phones and I thought what I witnessed was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time. I asked how do I get one of those and got told, "you can't, you need to get a license which requires a test and learning Morse Code".

About 2 weeks later I was in the FCC building in lower Manhattan sitting for the test. I passed and got my Technicians License. I remember waiting what felt like a terribly long amount of time for the license to come in the mail. After passing the test I immediately purchased an ICOM HT and had no way to get on the air without a call sign.

I lost interest over time and the license lapsed. Then I got interested again and came back as an Extra this time going to a club and sitting for the test through the Volunteer Examiner program.

Haven't been on the air for many years as I lost interest again but I won't let it lapse again. I have the renewal date built into my calendar to remind me. September 2020.
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