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Need to specify the disaster to have a rational discussion...No matter how much one prep's there could always be a disaster which outlives your preparation's.

Natural disaster's happen all the time and are dealt with reasonably well for the well prepared (and with a little luck). If living on the continent and survived the initial "shock" you will likely be rescued - at least eventually.

But if the mega natural disaster's happen, like a huge comment striking earth, that huge volcano under Yellowstone blowing, all bets are off. These are extremely low probability events and worrying about them a waste of time.

Probably the biggest event, which is much more likely than the above, and which would be long-lasting and devastating and hard to recover from, I would say is a nuclear explosion on continent US. It could be from a mistake (could be a mega-bomb), a terrorist (might get lucky and be a smaller bomb), or a nation - rouge or not (also could be a mega bomb or even many of them). Depending on your proximity, it would kill you right away, kill you years latter, or be survivable. If you survive, one thing to be sure of, our way of life will not be the same in our lifetimes (just think how 911 has impacted society and compared to a nuclear event it was "tiny").

We have food and water for 2 month's and a natural gas generator (G&A of course too), which will cover most med-small disasters in continent USA. Life isn't forever and I'm not going to spend it worrying about disasters by doing any more prepping than we have. Stay in God's grace now and you will be all right when it is time to "go".
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