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I'm sure with all things technical and communications related things have changed a lot since I went "quiet" 15 years ago.

I too was introduced to "HAM" radio as a youngster in 1958 at the "MARS" station at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Talking to people in Australia was really amazing to a 12 year old!

Got my Tech about 25 years ago, KE6RIF. Living at 6,200 feet elevation in SoCal gave me a real advantage on just a J-pole for general signal hunting and family communications. Wife was KE6 also. My neighbor had a repeater for county emergency comm's. and general use. The elevation allowed a 200+ mile radius!

I found a repeater in San Diego that was linked via the internet that connected to a network throughout Europe. Really weird sitting at home talking to guys half a world away on an HT!

There was also a network that went up the central valley of CA. linking repeaters expanding almost limitless access all the way up to OR.

Some day I might get back into it for general and emergency communications but for now the internet provides all the comm. I can handle!

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