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Appreciate it.

50AE, I like that the FCC will let people put in for legacy call signs. A way of keeping some tradition and memory of someone who mattered to you.

NG, go for your Technician. As many here have said to many of us in the past, it's pretty doable. I used Hamstudy.org and basically just learn the test. I'm usually not a fan of that kind of thing, but in this case get the ticket and consider it a license to learn. I've been in and out learning about and interested in various electronic/commo things for decades but never really settled down on it other than CB back in the days when you actually got a license and a call sign. I was toward the end on that.

I had already acquired a few Baofeng UV-5Rs and had programmed them with CHIRP originally for listening then reprogrammed for HAM now. They're extras and backup now. I picked up a TYT UV8000E handheld. Still a Chinese handheld, dual band radio, but 10 Watts with crossband repeat capability. With the whip it's pretty impressive for an $80 radio. Good reach, good reports on receive by others off our repeater. I've been asked if I was using a mobile or a base station. So you can get talking on something a little better than the basic Baofeng and still cost less than a box of .338 Lapua ammo.

Anyone out here running on Echolink? With things quiet most of the time on our local repeater I've taken to venturing out on it via the iPad. Sat in a couple of nets held each night by some fellows (on actual radios) from the Black Valley River Club up in Booneville, NY, and chatted with a couple of fellows that are the key guys on the White Mountain Range in AZ.

One thing I am wanting to mess with is data over the radios. RTTY, SSTV, satellite/ISS downloads, and similar that can be done with just a few simple radios (simplex) and apps on Android and iPad(iPhone) (no internet or cell service needed once you have the apps downloaded). Seems like a handy skill and capability to have for sending messages and images when net/cell is down or out in radio only territory.
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