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Im in a part of the world we prep for cyclones( hurricanes) and floods yearly. Not real disaster stuff but gets you thinking.

My thoughts are in major collapse cities will be problematic to survive very long. Supermarkets will empty in a day, they aren't designed to hold much food, they are designed to sell it quickly.

If you are coastal or have a major waterway with some kind of watercraft( even an inflatable one in a backpack) it will be a lot easier to bug out on that than on roads.

My main aim in major SHTF is just to be able to survive in my region for 3 months without dealing with anyone. Its about how long it will take most folks to die off. After all ,the average guy has been training on Mcdonalds burgers and smartphone games his whole life to die a pointless death, I'm not going to get in his way. Once he has achieved his aims, you come out of hiding and deal with the real people, the survivors.
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