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Originally Posted by FNHipowerluv View Post
Marlin built the Levermatic in 30 carbine (as well as the failed 256 Win mag). Performance of the 30 Carbine is similar to that of a 357 magnum. Aside from the Levematic, TC Encore, and the M1 Carbine, your choices for 30 Carbine long guns are pretty limited. There are plenty of 357 magnum options though.
I think those pretty much are the choices. I have all three of them and an old Ruger Blackhawk 3 screw in 30 carbine. The M1 came first, then I picked up the Marlin 62 to convince myself I should reload the 30 Carbine, something I wouldn't do with the Inland. Then I picked up the T/C because I wanted to see just how accurate the cartridge could be. The Ruger was "such a deal" I couldn't say no.

I may have a gun buying problem ..
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