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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The .30 Carbine has too many things going against it to be taken seriously either as a pistol round OR a rifle cartridge. It's way too long to be practical in semi-auto pistols, but it's also rimless which makes it less than optimal in revolvers. It is a straight-walled cartridge and was designed to use round-nosed, FMJ bullets which nobody outside the Hague Convention ever thought was a great idea. Virtually all serious rifle calibers are bottlenecked and use pointed Spitzer bullets. That's not to say that the .30 Carbine is useless, for a JHP version like Hornady's Critical Defense makes for an excellent short-range home or ranch defense rifle, and can be used for small game hunting as well. Unfortunately beyond that there's nothing it can do that other calibers can't so it will likely die off if/when all those M1 Carbines out there finally do.
Hush on that, I've too many M-1 Carbines in the safe.

It'll be the same as the FN P-90 and it's 5.7MM round, designed for a specific weapon and then used on a limited basis by FN on some handgun designs to try and sell the round. Luckily for me I doubt the interest in M-1 Carbines dies out in my lifetime unless the left wins the gun ban wars and bans all semi auto rifles.

I expect it'll end up costing my heirs what it costs me to feed the 1876 Winchester 45-70 that's been in my family since 1899...$2.00-4.00 bucks a round and it'll sit in their safes
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