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Originally Posted by 1911crazy View Post
12 volts is the way to go, solar and making power from solar panels if strong enough inverters can be used but there’s plenty of 12 volt camping appliances.
It's just too bad 24vdc accessories was not more available. 24 and 48vdc is just more efficient than 12v.

But, i guess you can build with more joules in 12v taking into account for the power loss. 12v just means more and/or bigger.

If going dc w/ inverter, its always better to use 48vdc. I have two batt/inverter setups (not for DP) and use two 12v deep cycle AGM batts to a 24vdc inverter. I would have used four batts for 48vdc but did not have the room for it.

Beyond FLA batts, they do make single lithium batts in various voltages, but the price is ridiculous.
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