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Finally got my HAM license

Okay, I've been on sabbatical from forums. I admit it. That said, after thinking about and threatening to do so for nearly 40 years I finally took the Technician test last night. I missed one question. Now just waiting for my call sign and to show up in the FCC database.

I'm planning on going for my General next month at the next club meeting. Oh yeah, I joined the local club. Not a lot of folks and we all have grey hair. LOL.

I got my GMRS license 22 AUG 2017. Unfortunately just before they changed the time period from 5 to 10 years before renewal. Since my wife doesn't have any interest in getting her amateur license I'll keep the GMRS since my license covers the family and we can talk off that with up to 50 Watts and I already have two Part 95 certified HTs with 5 watts and external antenna capable.

Now to mount antennas (after local architectural/planning committee blessings) and use the stuff I already have and lust for new gear.
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