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Originally Posted by NonHyphenAmerican View Post
I think you all ignore a couple of realities.

First off, disasters will happen.

2nd off, even if the very worst thing imaginable happens, there is an indomitable spirit in mankind that has been personified in America with a will to adapt, adopt, and overcome.

Sooner or later, what is will be rebuilt.

Who knows, we might even be able to do it better and more efficient when forced to do so by circumstances we cannot control.

And if you don't think that "The End Of The World As We Know It" hasn't already happened multiple times throughout history, you've been ignoring history.
True enough. Study History. People are resourceful.

In CA we're having rolling blackouts PG&E says can last for days.
A terrible inconvenience for rural areas where people could rely on generators, have wells, wood for heat, and septic tanks----all of which are unlawful in urban areas thanks to our Liberal overlords---so the same inconvenience would be considerably more grim for urban dwellers.
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