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Originally Posted by fast eddie View Post
My house uses propane.

You are correct, there is some naivety out there.

I think there are even more that never even consider it. The .gov has turned US citizens, especially those in large urban areas into mindless victims. They are naive enough to think the .gov to take care of them.

I also think there are folks that are, as you say, a bit naive about how and when things may go. That they can survive in hinterland "Unaccosted"

The ones that really chap my butt are the ones that stand and puff their chest out and chastize others because they are not "Woke" to what will really happen as only they know it and how willing they are to share their doctrine with us, the uninformed. They have the exact scenario and know exactly how it will go...... I think they are just as misinformed.

I think the key to success is practicing before now and shaking out your kit before your life depends on it That means everything from learning to fight, with and without a firearm, how to reload, how to can peaches and planting peach trees so they are producing when the SHTF. Drinking water from your collection system and knowing if you are going to stay or flee and how you will do each task. Learning situational awareness to see a bad event before it unfolds, whether its a storm, a gun fight or a blight of Japanese beetles.
people still think that no one else will raid the local grocery store and gas stations before they do, hell its going to be a shock for 95% of the population.
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