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I'm near Sarasota FL. We are having the same shortage problems here. Homie desparate and not so Lowe's are both out of plywood, generators, batteries, water and so forth. I think I know why.

This past year we have had a large influx of what I call "movedowns" (people, mostly democrats), are selling out up north, moving into Florida and Georgia, running up land values and destroying the tax base. (long time residents will not pay 350-400K for a stick built condo on a wide ditch, but the escapees seem to snap them up)

The population of a smaller town south of me, has seen a building boom and nearly doubled the population in the last 15 months. Out of state Contractors have come here, paid way too much for agricultural land and built walled cities, further taxing the water table and other infrastructure.

When "season" arrives this year, and all the rental property is snapped up, the county population will grow by about 35,000. I can't wait to wait in line an hour for a big Mac...

All these newbie's are buying into the lame stream media hype about "the sky is falling" and such.

If I could find another place in the south, that hasn't been ruined by escapees, I'd just move on, but I'm economically trapped to live out my days, living like a duck in a pen.
It's gonna be a long summer.

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