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At 21, I did my 1st float plane fishing trip in Chapleau Ontario. 1974. I was already familiar with Coleman lanterns but never realized how versatile they were until I was truly out in the bush. After that I always have one at home .
A sealed gallon and a half dozen mantles sit out in my workshop right now.

From ‘81 to ‘84 I lived in an 880 sq. ft. Log cabin that I heated with wood. One Sunday evening a blizzard knocked out all power to the little lake community around me. Total darkness. Out came my Double mantle Coleman fuel unit and I had light. A few minutes later I had people knocking at my door wondering what this amazing source of light was.
The next evening, and for the next three, at least a dozen new Coleman’s were burning around the lake until power was restored.

My 16th float plane trip was in Quebec at Reservoir Pipmaucan. My buddy and I were across from the cabin in a quiet cove when a sundown squall blew in. As we tried to tack through whitecaps across the lake to the cabin we were blown 3+ miles North and left out in the dark. The other two guys in our party put a two mantle fuel unit out at the end of the dock. We were able to navigate on the lake, in total cloud covered darkness using that lantern as a beacon.

I never really liked the propane units.
I work in a Crude Unit and Naphtha Hydro-Treater and actually make the stuff.
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