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Originally Posted by AustinWiseGuy View Post
A little late to this game but: solar power. If you can keep your equipment sheltered from EMP: https://www.instructables.com/id/Amm...r-Power-Supply

Look up the book One Second Later (if you want to start losing sleep contemplating this topic):

After reading this and his follow up book One Year Later, it becomes self evident that in the event of a serious power grid disruption lasting more than a few months, especially focusing on the disruption of distributing medicine, our pre-programmed DNA kicks in and a whole bunch of us are taking that glorious last ride.

The best solution is to prevent the EMP from happening in the first place, or have a defense against it. I wonder if congress actually thinks about these things. At least here in the Great Nation-State our power grid isnít dependent upon the national grids but that provides me little comfort!
Don't forget about the 3rd book as well. The whole series is well written and gives one many things to consider.
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