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Originally Posted by wproct View Post
I would not be interested for the reasons already stated by previous posters, plus, I'm not a fan of the polished stainless steel flats and black frame and controls as shown.

I fondled one on Saturday at the Ruger New Hampshire IDPA championship match. The Ruger rep told me the average shop price will be around $1,800. It felt and looked great. Trigger was decent - prob 4ish pounds.

My Dan Wesson PM9 cost me like $1300ish back in 2015, no way in hell I'd spend $500 more for a Ruger. Granted the PM9 doesn't come with a magwell but that is short money.

And does anyone know if this is a cast frame like the rest of their 1911's?? I don't know how they think they can justify that price with a cast frame. Hell even if it was forged, I still wouldn't pay $1,800.

If they don't drop the price, they're really going to struggle selling these.
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