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The plot thickens...

I just got a call today from my LGS, telling me my two Taurus pistols were there. What the flying f***? I already picked them up four weeks ago! So I went there, and they had my two old pistols, having been fixed with new extractor springs. So there I was wondering if Taurus made some sort of blunder, but as these two were obviously my pistols I brought them home. So now I look at the repair receipts, and I see my name on the ones for my two pistols but not the other two (both pairs of receipts have the gun shop's name, but only one pair has my name as well). So did I previously pick up two guns belonging to somebody else??? Now I need to call the LGS tomorrow and ask them to do a head count of all the PT-111s they are supposed to have and also any they may have sent off for warranty service, either their own stock or another customer's. This might explain why I got two pistols that looked used. Maybe they are!
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