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> gridlock

This is the elephant in the room that too many people try to handwave away. After the attempted evacuation of Houston last year, we have video of how swiftly roads can turn into parking lots.

If you have to evacuate a whole family, you're pretty much stuck with some sort of car or SUV. If it's just you, or perhaps you and a spouse... you can move right around the lines of stalled cars if you're on a motorcycle. Some of the "adventure" style machines have impressive range for a motorcycle, and if you have to, you can get one over Jersey barrier blockades.

For a family... plain old pedal-type bicycles are a tremendous mobility extender. You can even get trailers (for motorcycles too) to extend your cargo capability. And the whole herd of you can pedal around practicing your SHTF chops without exciting any comment from neighbors.
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