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I carry an extra Crankshaft for my Special Purpose SHTFBOVMRAP. If you need one, it will be invaluable.

I am not a BOV Expert (I had to look up BOV, to see what it meant). I don’t think I would ever BO, but I think more likely need to get home. So I guess, I am more interested in BIV... or, GGMSTW (go get my staranded wife vehicle). For those situations I will likely use my daily driver. My truck...

I liked the earlier post... Good tires and reenforced bumpers (stuff I already got) along with reenforced step sides, and I am thinking - good maintenance.

Season and terrain matters... Carry some extras depending on the situation you are most likely gonna need. I hope to hear some new ideas. I got a Weathergaurd Truck Box that has about 4 cubic inches of space still available. Look forward to hearing more comments.
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