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Originally Posted by sambob View Post
UGGG, getting tired of that "one Is none" who the hell started that.....As far as your tires go, a portable air compressor and a couple of tire plug kits and a spare pak of plugs....no reason you couldn't repair other things with It as well(radiator hose anyone) also keep a spare set of belts for your engine as well, unless you think you can get by using paracord.
Try fixing a cut from shale (or glass or sheetmetal) with plugs, or a puncture greater than the diameter of a 16d nail... a 3/16th bolt hole won't seal propely with plugs- unless re filling thr tire every 30 miles or 30 minutes is a "fix"....

Back in my youth, when I'd hunt the deep Cascades, I'd start out with 4-6 spares in the bed of the truck... when I got down to 2 (it happened) the hunting was done and we headed out. It was a 1-3 day walk out of the mountains, depending on location.

Tires are subject to all sorts of abuse and road hazards. Belts on decently maintained and serviced vehicles don't break- and the modern-day serpentine belt isn't a user freindly roadside fix....
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