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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Since youre looking for more of a low visability approach , first- tires. Not oversized mudders that require 6" of lift, but capable, durable rubber that fits the stock truck- I'm partial to Goodyear Duratracs, they don't stand out as super aggressive, yet quite capable, and available in heavy duty E load ratings. You have to work to puncture one...
Spares. As mentioned, 2 is one, and one is none. However, this would require some external (and visabie) carrier, which increases visability- however, anything "non OEM" will probably stand out with Lexus badging.

A little body armor; front and rear bumpers, and fender protection. Talking abot pushing a car out of the way is one thing- until doing so crumples a fender into a wheelwell and shreds a tire. Yet not really low visability...

Winches are great- IF you know how to use one safely and effectively. They're also both the least likely to be needed piece of kit, and by far the most dangerous. And they don't help with"inconspicuous".... that said, a come along (with about a 2k working load) is NOT a substitute...
UGGG, getting tired of that "one Is none" who the hell started that.....As far as your tires go, a portable air compressor and a couple of tire plug kits and a spare pak of plugs....no reason you couldn't repair other things with It as well(radiator hose anyone) also keep a spare set of belts for your engine as well, unless you think you can get by using paracord.
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