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I like the Grey Man approach as well. My daily driver is a 2018 RAM 1500 4x4 Limited crew cab with the RAM box bed storage. For storing a LOT of "extras", the RAM box, which is a compartment built into each side of the bed, is awesome! I have one side dedicated to emergency equipment. First Aid, tow rope, tools, air pump, come along, ropes, tire repair kits, extra oil, KelTec Sub2000 Glock with extra ammo and magazines, small BOB, water, hatchet, saw, you name it and I probably have it all neatly stowed inside that box. The other side is clear, but able to accommodate a few long guns with ammo and extra mags as well as other stuff if needed. All completely out of sight.

The truck itself has the largest fuel tank available from RAM at 34 gallons, and I have the bed management system that allows me to safely secure additional cans of fuel without having them slide around. Of course the 4x4 combined with a Hemi is an awesome combo, but I also have the air lift option that allows me to, at the push of a button, lift the truck an additional few inches for added ground clearance when needed. Slightly oversize BFG ATs (the latest version with aggressive mud shoulders) give me excellent on and off road traction. On the highway, at reasonable speeds, I can get 21-23mpg for a max range of over 700 miles under optimum conditions, but my real average is around 18.5mpg combined even with my lead foot, which still allows me a more conservative 600 miles on one tank of fuel if I can stay on the pavement. Even when making a trip down to the Mansfield Cut from Padre Island, about 70 miles each way in DEEP sand and locked in 4-wheel drive, I was able to average around 13mpg, which is pretty dang good under those conditions.

Downside is I have a lot of electronics in the vehicle since it is the most luxurious trim level available, so that is a vulnerability, but that's just the reality of today's vehicles anyway. I've come to have confidence in the RAM off road, having had a 2014 and a 2012 before that. With the air suspension lift on this current one it is even more capable, something I've been able to test on my hunting lease with some VERY trying conditions. If it has a weakness it is in soupy mud, but I've been pretty impressed in its ability to crawl up and over rocky terrain without any real issues. Even in mud, if there is a bottom to it, is not too big a problem. Not bad for a cushy ride that has all the comforts of my wife's loaded out SUV and that blends with the crowd as just a nice vehicle, but nothing overtly outstanding.
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