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Originally Posted by steviesterno View Post
not the full size landcruiser like the big guy, but it's a 150 series (land cruiser prado) sold in other countries. Similar frame size to the 4runner here. It's shares a 4.6 v8 with the tundra and prado
Very true... I was comparing US market offerings, what is currently available... I've had Prados overseas over the years: solid trucks- but not offered in the US market. The 150s are bigger than the 4runner/Surf, but smaller than the 100 series LC with 5.7V8s... somewhere between a large mid size and small full size...

"Landcruiser" is a model that has varying, current, premutations....

Regardless, you can probably increase mobility and survivability of your GX without sacrificing too much "grey man"... tires, front and rear body armor, maybe a second spare on the rear end... not over the top, hard core offroader machine, but enhanced capabilities if needed.
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