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Originally Posted by John Joseph View Post
Sleeping bag, wool blanket, water, wire, duct tape, bucket, cordage, a multi tool, battery powered drill what's this for?, ax, flashlight, Scotch Brite pad again why?, pencil and tablet, first aid kit, Hi Lift jack, tow chain, a donkey dong for your NATO cans, tarp, 2 meter 2 meter what?, bolt cutters(a big one) wire cutters, oxy acetylene tanks including a cutting torch also why, bungee cord assortment, sun hat, a comfortable, well broken in pair of boots, rain gear, highway fusees, Coleman lantern and stove, a big wrecking bar, 8# sledge, and a tent if there's no room left in your car for sleeping,
I like and agree with most of what you have listed but was curious about a few of the other things? responded in bold in the quote.
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