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turn your daily driver into BOV!

hey all, not looking to debate WHICH vehicle is the best for a BOV. Rather I'm looking for ideas on what I can do to help turn my daily driver into a more useful and better equipped BOV or what supplies I could/should keep handy at all times. While a Ma Duece stacked to the hilt in water filters and crap sitting at home would be awesome, I'm not able to tie up that much money in something that may never be needed. Also with my luck anything that goes south will happen while I'm at work, 15 miles of urban/suburban roads from home.

There are some caveats though, I'm appreciating the idea of Grey Man a bit more as I get older. My last SUV was rhino lined with big bumpers and stuff. and while that looked cool, stood out like a sore thumb.

Now I have a Lexus GX460, which is pretty much a Toyota Land cruiser with nicer seats. full time 4x4 with locker, 300hp, 350 ft pounds of torque, standard armor (though light) on the bottom, etc.

I'm building an ~4" tall shelf/drawer for the cargo area. this is where I could keep a rifle and mags in a case, and whatever else needs to be kept. Already have a battery jump box, some tow straps, 2 water bottles, and small set of hand tools. also this guy in a spare compartment:

I have a trailer rack that I can throw on and stack with nato cans. if I need to get out of town. I'm going to buy some sort of roof rack so I can use a cargo carrier as well.

so with that, what do I add or do? what modifications/additions/supplies have you added to your vehicle or found that makes life a bit better?
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