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I bought a Taurus OSS 24/7 in .45 on the very day the Supreme Court announced it's Heller Decision (06/28/2012). It worked reliably for a year, and I had no complaints. I had not fired it for a few years. Recently I took it out and it was nosediving terribly, not feeding the next round even if it was ball ammo. Didn't matter which of the factory mags I used.

Online suggestions said it was probably the 12 round magazines, and that the 10 round .45 magazines were more reliable. I called Taurus to try to buy some new mags. After 30 minutes on hold, they very nicely told me there was a class action suit on this exact pistol which conveys lifetime warranty service at their expense. They gave me a shipping label and I sent it back. They will either repair the safety issues (of which I never had any) or give me a new pistol. I won't know anything until Labor Day.
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