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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The CZ 1911 had a defective thumb safety that allowed the sear to move when the trigger was pulled, creating an unsafe situation. But instead of replacing it with a new one they simply peened the contact surface to remove the excess play. After I got it back (six weeks later) and realized what they had done I contacted them again and demanded that they actually replace the defective part, but they said since Dan Wesson built the guns they had no spare parts and I'd have to contact them instead. So I contacted Dan Wesson and they said they don't handle warranty on CZ-branded products. So I essentially got the shaft. Soon afterwards I began to detect movement of the sear again, but by that time I found somebody who was selling the thumb safety off his gun as a take-off part so I bought it and ended up fixing it myself. Unfortunately the terrible CS experience I had with CZ-USA left such a bad taste in my mouth that I couldn't begin enjoying that pistol, and last year I sold it having fired only 200 rounds through it.
Ah okay, so it wasn't a 75 type gun. Yeah I don't know how I feel about their (Dan Wession really) 1911s since they are a subsection of CZ and not their own show anymore. I like how the guns are made but stuff like this would turn me off a lot to trying one.
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