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Interesting. I have a PT111 G2 in stainless which eliminates the finish issues/scratches you are having with your finished pistols. I find my PT111 to be a wonderful pistol. However, I'm wondering what was so wrong with your originals that they had to replace them both??? Did you get a copy of the Work Order explaining what was wrong and why they were replaced?

Also, I hear you about Taurus' lack of communication. I ordered 3 Taurus Spectrum magazines off of their website last week. I received no email notification that they shipped. Drove into my driveway after lunch today and saw a bubble mailer envelope sitting on the front porch. Picked it up and low and behold it was my three Spectrum magazines. Almost every company I have ever dealt with as far as purchasing gun parts sends me an email notification with a tracking number when my items are shipped!
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